Fivebough RAMSAR Wetlands

The Leeton Shire is home to two major RAMSAR listed wetlands — Fivebough Wetlands and Tuckerbil Wetlands, which provide scenic walks through spectacular landscapes, captivating birdlife watching (or twitching), and sites of great significance to the local Wiradjuri people.

Fivebough is an internationally recognised wetland. At a notable 400 hectares in size, it is the larger of the two wetland areas, and is open to the public. Visitors can enjoy these wetlands by following the five kilometers of walkways which lead to hides and viewing platforms so you can enjoy the abundant birdlife. By following the walking trails through head-high Cumbungi reeds, you will find a series of hides. Take some time to quietly enjoy the many birds in the wetland, but don't forget your binoculars - you may sport a rare or threatened species!

Fivebough is home to migratory birds from the northern hemisphere during spring. They stay for the summer and then return to their breeding grounds in northern Australia and the islands to our north. In winter the wetlands are home to thousands of migratory birds taking advantage of the food and shelter resources of the wetlands.

You can get to Fivebough Wetlands via the Petersham Road entrance and car park. It’s just two kilometres from the Leeton CBD. Pick up a map and local bird information at the Visitor Information Centre, and find out more at