Leeton Yanco Whitton Historical Guide

Leeton, Whitton & Yanco have an amazing and rich history. Leeton was specifically built to create a farming paradise to feed the nation. Pick up our Historical Guide at the Leeton Visitors Information Centre to learn how the towns came about, then take a tour to see the original buildings still in use.  

Some highlights include:

  • Leeton Visitors Centre - originally built as a home for the Chief Engineer of the Water Conservation & Irrigation Commission. Built in 1913 the Leeton VIC is surrounded by a beautiful garden and is a venue for local artists and producers to sell their wares.

  • Historic Hydro Motor Inn - Completed in 1919 as an accommodation house for the senior and administrative personnel in the development of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation area. The hotel was expanded and licensed in 1924 when prohibition in the MIA was repealed.

  • Henry Lawson's House - Henry Lawson, one of Australia's most revered writers was sent to Leeton in 1916 to "dry out". His former home is now used to house visiting medical students. 

  • The Roxy Theatre - The first movie screening was in 1930 and The Roxy still screens movies today

Sir Samuel McCaughey

Leeton and Yanco today exist due to the activity of wealthy Irish land holder Samuel McCaughey, who on his property ‘North Yan...

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Henry Lawson

In 1915 a group of top newspaper men and journalists of Sydney assembled in the office of the State Premier WA Holman. They were there to once a...

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Walter Burley Griffin

Leeton was the first town built as part of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area and the design of the town was shaped by noted architect Walter Burl...

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Charles Alfred Lee

Leeton is named after Charles Alfred Lee, who was Minister for Public Works in the NSW Government from 1904 until 1910.

In January 1905 ...

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