Art Deco Heritage Walking Tour

Many of Leeton's buildings were constructed or renovated during the two wars, which has left the town with a wealth of Art Deco features. 

Art Deco style became popular between the first and second world wars. It was originally known as Modernistic or Moderne style, but became known as ‘Art Deco’ around the 1960’s. 

Some examples of Leeton's Art Deco features include mosaic tiling in recessed doorways, pressed metal awning on ceilings, glazed windows, stepped parapets with chevron brick-work and rendered with tin decorative parapets. The Mediterranean (or Spanish Mission style) was also popular during the period. 

The Historic Hydro Hotel (1919) and The Roxy Theatre (1930) are classic examples of Leeton's stunning Art Deco Architecture. 

An Art Deco Heritage Walking Tour has been designed and is downloadable via izi.TRAVEL mobile app. The audio guide will take you around the Leeton CBD showcasing the towns stunning Art Deco Architecture with an insightful audio guide to learn about the towns proud heritage.