Camping sites are available at Gogeldrie Weir and throughout the Murrumbidgee Valley National Parks.

Gogeldrie Weir offers many comforts to assist with camping, including barbecues, toilets, showers and a kiosk. Entry and camping fees apply. Many services are also available, such as fishing licences, bait and EFTPOS. There are also tents, gazebos, fishing rods and available for hire. For information call (02) 6955 9267.

You are welcome to camp in the National Parks, however there is a total fire ban from December through to March. You must: clean up and take all garbage away; bury all night soil at least 100 metres away from any stream, waterhole or campsite; dispose of unwanted bait or fish 100 metres from camping areas; make sure your fire is completely out before leaving, and, remember not to camp below large trees. You can find more information at Murrumbidgee Valley National Park.