Yanco Agricultural High School

This two storey mansion was originally the home of philanthropist and pastoralist Sir Samuel McCaughey. It was built in 1899 on his newly purchased North Yanko Station. Although a single man, he enjoyed entertaining and his new mansion accommodated many influential and important dignatories including the Governor General and his wife Lady Northcote in 1908. It was his hope that members of the royal family such as Prince Edward would also visit his property when touring Australia.

After Sir Samuels death in 1919 the building becamethe basis for the Yanco Agricultural High School. The main building is still used today as administrative offices. Many additional buildings have been erected since and include classroom blocks, workshop, dining hall, dormitories, a hospital and an assembly hall. Residential accommodation is provided for 350 students.

You can tour the buildings during school hours only. Just visit the main offices or ring 02 6951 1500 to make a booking.